Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Spam! Advertising Illustration- Finished Piece

Here is my Spam piece so far, I think it might need some amendments later on, any comments would be great!...Thanks :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

'Spam' - Advertising Project

This is the third (and hopefully final) draft/rough showing the composition and conecpt for the 'Spam' advertising brief. (I need to modify the astronaut character still so that the finished piece will have a better (I hope) spaceman instead of a skydiver/mod/stuntman!)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Summer Project Part 2- all three layers

The outcome for the party scene part of the characters project...


Here is the final illustration- with all three layers included, the third of which has my two child characters dressed up in Day of the Dead face paints and one also wearing a skeletal costume as is sometimes done during the festival. The dog is supposed to be confused by what the humans are doing and why they are acting so strangely! The top layer still needs to be refined, and especially cutting out closer to the key-lines, to be able to see more of the background characters and trees, and the overall aesthetic be more effective.

Second Layer

Here's the second and first layer together, for this one I decided to use a combination of styles/ media for the trees as had been done with the characters- to attempt to make it more (or in a way less) coherent in order to incorporate the characters into the setting, convincingly as a complete piece. 

I changed the two male characters slightly in order to form a mariachi style band for the guests entertainment. The trees are cut out text from old books, and I hoped the simplistic straight text trees would provide a contrast for the brown ink trees in the distance.

Summer Project Part 2- a party scene

 We have been asked to use our original seven characters, and to create a party scene for them, and to also include a self portrait character as the host of the party. I've decided to try out 'staggering' my scene slightly, using three layers with the eight characters spread across these, and the front two being cut out in places to reveal the characters further back in the distance.

This is the first layer of my piece for this project, which I have chosen to do in a forest setting, and with an inclusion of elements from the Mexican 'Day of the Dead' holiday (although that will be more evident in the other two layers as those characters will be showing that much more). I added a Mexican marigold type flower to the pencil character, as this is the flower associated with the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Huge Hair & Long Limbs

For this character I attempted to work in the highly detailed and original style of Helsinki based fashion illustrator Laura Laine. She rarely uses colour, working in the most part in grey-scale, for this drawing I used pencil, trying to recreate her highly detailed hairstyles and exaggerated proportions and super-long limbs which of course are great for fashion illustration, and incredibly stylish.

Cupcakes & Collage

Using a mixed media background for this piece, of collage and acrylic paint, I tried to work in the style of illustrator Cori Dantini, whose characters are mostly girls with huge skirts, tiny legs, and individual ink hairstyles. She usually creates pieces on top of found objects/papers as I did here, and works with these patterns using acrylic/inks/watercolour. She often adds intricate ink patterns to her work, as I tried to incorporate into this one,

A Beardy Man & Bassethounds...

This is a drawing I did that was based around the sketches of animator Nicholas Marlett, who uses mainly orange pencil crayons with sometimes hints black/greys. I liked his exaggerated characters from observations of people and animals, in particular his focus on shape, curves, sharp angles and finding interesting poses for these, which is what I also tried to think about when trying to work in a similar way.

Flora & Marge

This was my Oliver Jeffers inspired piece, which I tried to keep fairly simple as his style is mostly uncomplicated and lines/pattern kept quite minimal- (especially in his picture books for younger children such as 'Lost and Found' and 'How to Catch a Star' which are fantastic examples of his talent for spacial design, creating intriguing characters, and illustrating generally.)

Bloodhound & Bunny

For this one I was influenced by the work of children's illustrator Emily Gravett, (creator of acclaimed children's books including 'Dogs', 'Wolves' and 'Cave Baby'- another successful Julia Donaldson partnership) using pencils and watercolour on paper.

Cardigans & Wine...

This is the first piece I did for the summer project, which was to create 7 characters based on the style of seven different artists/ illustrators. This one was supposed to be in the style of Quentin Blake, which I tried to do using ink, nib pen and watercolours.